Problems with reverse proxy on Windows Home Server

Jan 30, 2010 at 2:47 PM



I don't know, whether it's a problem of my configuration or a proxy-prblem, so i ask for help:


  • i'm running a Windows 2003 based Windows Home Server
  • with IIS 6.0
  • i added the UrlRewriterProxy as explained in the docs
  • on my homeserver serves a local fossil.exe a fossil-repository as http-server on port 8000
  • i added a rule: 
    RewriteRule ^/wiki(/?.*)$ http://<SERVERNAME>:8000$1 [QSA,I,P]

Calling my server with URL <SERVERNAME>/wiki works. I see the correct page and the URL in the browser adress field is <SERVERNAME>/wiki. All relativ links are OK and show up as <SERVERNAME>/wiki/... . But all absolute links on the page are not translated. They showup as <SERVERNAME>:8000/.. .

I expected, that the proxy translates these absolute links back to ../wiki/.. !

And now the question: where is the error (my expectation, my configuration, a proxy error)?


Maybe someone can help me.


Thanks in advance