Increasing connection timeout

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Apr 27, 2011 at 12:54 AM


I'm using URL Rewriter to present Exchange ActiveSync to the Internet from an IIS 6 box in our DMZ.  The problem I'm having is with the 'ping' command used for push based e-mail on the iPhone; I understand that the timeout needs to be at least 15 minutes to work correctly:

2011-04-12T12:04:43 [Proxy] Request: http://xxxxexchange.xxxx.corp/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?User=xxxx&DeviceId=Applxxxxxxxxxxx&DeviceType=iPhone&Cmd=Ping
2011-04-12T12:06:07 [Proxy] Error received from http://xxxxexchange.xxxx.corp/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?User=xxxx&DeviceId=Applxxxxxxxxxxx&DeviceType=iPhone&Cmd=Ping: The operation has timed out
2011-04-12T12:06:07 [Proxy] No response was received, returning a '400 Bad Request' to the client.

Do you know how I can go about extending this timeout?

The phones work fine and there's no errors on the phone side however the batteries get drained fairly quickly.


Apr 29, 2011 at 3:02 AM

Right now there isn't really a configuration option to set the timeout, but you could always compile the source code and add the following to the HttpWebRequest that is going out.


I would be interested in hearing your results on this.